It’s soon to be Halloween and we love this celebration!
Long ago people used to believe that spirits could return to our earthly world, so they used to wear masks or costumes, to blend in with the spirits and not be menaced on this night.
Let’s not be scary though……..
We celebrate at Party!shesaid by dressing up and having a front door table of goodies for any spooky visitors who may venture our way.
Our own Halloween fun begins by gathering our children and friend’s children and going to selected houses (who will play along) collecting our treats (or sometimes tricks) all in good fun.
Then it’s back to our monstrously decorated house where we put the treats into a big witches cauldron(after sampling some of the goods for safety sake, of course) and split the treats evenly amongst our trick or treaters.
The kids laugh and discuss the costumes of the parents who have joined in for the festivities. The food is Spaghetti Meatballs (Blood and Brains), Bloody cut off fingers (small Chipolatas in bread with tomato sauce), Ghosts (Bananas cut in half with choc chip eyes), Spider nests (marshmallows topped with fairy floss and plastic spiders but please don’t eat the spiders) and Witches Brew (green coloured custard filled with lolly snakes) wash this all down with a fruit punch bobbing with lolly eyeballs (non alcoholic of course). The adults can discretely enjoy a different punch, if they so choose, from the kitchen area, though most love the fun of joining the kids in theirs.
Music plays in the background throughout, a mix of scary sounds and creepy fun songs like “Monster Mash” but  it’s” Thriller” of course that gets everyone  hitting the dance floor.
The roar of laughter from little ghosts, witches, skeletons, spiders and ghouls as their parents join in, only adds to the terrible singing, dancing, squeals of laughter and noises beyond comprehension. Oh what fun!!
This is a Halloween celebration of kids and parents time together, pretending, dancing, laughing, dressing up and having a fang-tastic time!
Happy Halloween and Spirits are all welcome!