When we go to a brief and are asked to set up for a party, you hold your breath hoping to get an immediate vision to help your client. This brief that we received was for colour and intimacy as the event was small. Immediately, because of the colour involved, we were able to mix and match all the rainbow colours in our partyware and decorations to create a blast of pop, pow and wham.

The food served was all simple fruit, snacks and the winner for all guests was superhero sprinkle bread. The magnificent chocolate cake was a superhero winner, simply decorated with a superhero mask. Dress ups were the stand out with superhero capes stealing the show.

Fabulous colourful popcorn boxes filled with lollies, small pinwheels, water pistols, superhero tattoos and crayons with a take-home star, superhero garland to delight and hang in superhero bedrooms.

Our take-home memory was a gift given of an inflatable Batman and an evil Spiderman.

Although this party was small, it worked well as attention to detail and extras like a jumping castle and a Batman character bought this little affair to big heights.