Halloween Party

It's soon to be Halloween and we love this celebration! Long ago people used to believe that spirits could return to our earthly world, so they used to wear masks or costumes, to blend in with the spirits and not be menaced on this night. Let's not be scary though........ We celebrate at Party!shesaid by dressing up and having a front door table of goodies for any spooky visitors who may venture our way. Our own Halloween fun begins by gathering our children and friend's children and going to selected houses (who will play along) collecting our treats (or

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My Little Superhero Party

When we go to a brief and are asked to set up for a party, you hold your breath hoping to get an immediate vision to help your client. This brief that we received was for colour and intimacy as the event was small. Immediately, because of the colour involved, we were able to mix and match all the rainbow colours in our partyware and decorations to create a blast of pop, pow and wham. The food served was all simple fruit, snacks and the winner for all guests was superhero sprinkle bread. The magnificent chocolate cake was a

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Life’s Little Celebrations

Look what this fabulous blog wrote about us! A few years ago when I first started planning my own kids parties….the range of partyware was limited to polka dots, stripes and chevrons. Now the kids party scene is bursting with fun partyware and “Party! she said” newly renovated online store has a huge range of Licensed Character parties, Themed parties and Party bundles which allow customers to pick and choose and ... Check out the full article here!

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From lollies, to licorice, biscuits and wafers, this is the stuff of your childhood dreams. Lollygraze set-ups can be customised to your liking and made to match your theme and colour scheme. Whether to compliment a dessert bar or as a central point of focus, they are a great addition to any party. You are not limited to sweets either, you can have fresh or dried fruit, and nuts to add variety. They can also be embellished with floral accents or other decorations that will add to your party’s finishing touches. We had an interview with Confetti Fair

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Photographing the Party

A photo tells a thousand words, so they say! Well, not really, it won't show the effort and time that is put into a successful party but it will show the love and joy. Yes, the smiles on their faces are worth every moment spent preparing and then that joy comes right back at ya! We did a 21st a while back for the sunniest of girls and it was a reasonably big affair. A photographer was hired and although that cost hurt the budget, the resulting photos have given many more happy times with every look. You don't need

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Parties Help Your Child Learn

We love parties, at home, in a park, at a venue, the movies, or you could say we are suckers for a great excuse to celebrate anything. Here are a few things that a kids party can help your child learn. 1/ that children learn how to be organised. They do this from the moment you help them plan what their party will be, then deciding on their friends and getting the invitations out. Then it's just fun and probably you, who completely take over while they are excited and just party. Being a guest at a party means their

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