A photo tells a thousand words, so they say! Well, not really, it won’t show the effort and time that is put into a successful party but it will show the love and joy.

Yes, the smiles on their faces are worth every moment spent preparing and then that joy comes right back at ya!

We did a 21st a while back for the sunniest of girls and it was a reasonably big affair. A photographer was hired and although that cost hurt the budget, the resulting photos have given many more happy times with every look.

You don’t need a photographer unless you want one and with today’s iPhones, you can get some spectacular photos of your little one’s party or event that keep your memories alive. These photos may one day remind them they actually had awesome childhood parties and can thank you for that. (my kids recently have).

What really matters is the fun of planning, that it goes off without too much of a hitch. That is where we can help, with advice, supplies or styling the whole party kit and kaboodle.